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Welspun Projects Ltd. (WPL), formerly known as MSK Projects (India) Ltd., is fully poised to leverage on the burgeoning infrastructure space. Founded in 1976, WPL is part of $3 Billion Welspun group, which is an amalgamation of expertise, resources, opportunities and engineering excellence. With strong foothold in over 50 countries, over 24000 employees & 100000+ shareholders, our group is one of India’s fastest growing conglomerates.


WPL’s successful execution of projects for the past 35 years has made the company a niche player in the construction industry. With the groups’ rich experience of executing EPC contracts and WPL’s legacy of being in the business of EPC projects across various sectors like roads, water, industrial structures and some projects through PPP, the company is set to play a larger role in the infrastructure space. We have executed infrastructure projects – highways, bridges, industrial, residential and commercial buildings. In the highway sector alone we have successfully completed six BOT (Toll) Road projects with a total length of over 500 km and a capital expenditure of over US $ 200 million. One of the signature project is the142.6 km long Dewas-Bhopal Corridor linking Bhopal and Dewas on SH 18 in the state of Madhya Pradesh on BOT Toll Basis. Simultaneously, we forayed into the construction and development of water supply and distribution projects & urban infrastructure. We successfully commissioned Dewas Industrial Water Supply Project – one of India’s successful BOT (PPP) projects in the water sector. It supplies 23 Million Litres Per Day (MLD) water from Narmada River to Dewas Industrial Area in the state of Madhya Pradesh on PPP basis. Till date WPL has successfully completed six BOT Road project, two Bus Terminal and one Water project. We could achieve this feat only because of our project management expertise, cutting-edge technology and design innovations.

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